Group travel. A movement.


Let’s talk about seven great benefits of group travel. After all there’s a reason it’s been rising in popularity over the last few years.  I briefly mentioned the first three benefits in the last post (it’s linked below), but let’s revisit them…


  1. Group travel means less worry for you.  Someone else is tasked with all of the planning and researching all the trips details.  Even while on the trip, any concerns that pop up are theirs to sort out.  The only decision you’ll have to make is whether or not you want to participate that day.  Most days you’ll have the option to insert an impromptu free-day and make your own plans.  Although, I do highly recommend that you participate in as much as possible.  After all, you’re there for the new experiences and you wouldn’t want to miss them.
  2. Not everyone likes to travel truly solo. Group travel gives you built-in “friends” if you’re interested.  You’ll meet other like-minded travelers and there’s always someone around to take that great photo… knowing you’ll likely return the favor later in the trip. However, if you’re like me and the thought new friends is not a perk, there are other benefits to consider…
  3. Groups have influence! By this I mean, you’ll have a greater opportunity to gain access to places and experiences that might not have otherwise been available to you traveling solo or trying to plan your own trip.  This could be due to the costs of the activity (now shared across the group) or because it’s something not widely offered to the public. It could even be because your group leader just has connections locally.
  4. Occasionally, you’ll get an experience you couldn’t have thought of.  This past summer I went volcano boarding.  No one in my circle of friends, associates or colleagues had ever even heard of it.  Now everyone wants to try it!  While you may not get an experience like that on every group trip, when it does happen it will make your trip all the more worth it.
  5. Cost savings! When you consider just how much you actually spend by the end of a vacation on your own versus a group trip, that alone could enough to convince you of the group benefits. Last minute and unexpected expenses, transportation expenses, meals and libations, tourist rates to get into local attractions, etc.  You get the picture.
  6. Travel with your comfort-zone and still have support to push beyond your usual limits.  If you’re thinking of navigating public transportation, renting a car and reading foreign street signs, or trying to communicate with a local driver, don’t bother.  Your group has you covered!  If you’re not sure can finish the hike or skeptical about trying the local fare, here come your fellow group travelers to help you through it.  And just think of the stories you’ll leave with!
  7. While I whole-heartedly it is generally safe to travel anywhere in the world, I can’t discount the old adage of “safety in numbers.” When you travel in groups, you’re less susceptible to scam artists and thieves that prey on tourist and help is always close by if you get hurt or fall ill.  As unlikely as they are to happen, these examples are pretty good advertisements for group travel.

That’s it!  Feel free to check out our other posts and check back next week when we’ll dig a little deeper into the art of choosing a destination!

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