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Central America

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Enjoy all of the natural beauty offered by “the Land of Lakes and Volcanoes” 


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There’s nothing not to love about rainforest, wildlife and beautiful beaches

Costa Rica

Crew Membership

Join the Crew!  Membership has its advantages…

Membership Perks

  1. 100% of membership dues count towards future travel with the Club for an available trip of your choosing
  2. Priority access to new trips as they become available – Be the first to know and the first to book
  3. Discounts even less than early bird pricing, valid for as long as the trip is available – No set time limit
  4. Annual members only trip to a new Club destination – Choose and preview a new trip before it’s available to anyone else
  5. Quarterly members only Travel Club update, including information on upcoming trips, new trips and last minute deals
  6. Deep discounts on last minute trips when they become available due to late cancellations
  7. Trip cancellation up to four months in advance, plus cancelled trips within four months could be transferred to friends/family at the member rate (flights not included)



  1. Complete at least one trip with the Club
  2. Post a review of the Club on social media (preferably our Facebook page)



  1. $100 per month, billed monthly
  2. After your first payment you have the option of automatic monthly payments



Of course there are a few rules… Just to set expectations and maintain order…

  1. Dues are non-refundable
  2. Dues do not expire for active members
  3. Memberships start and are billed on the 1st of each month. Processed via the credit card associated to the account during signup. Changes must be made in writing to
  4. Members will receive quarterly membership balance details
  5. Missed or late payments will cause the membership to go into non-active status if not paid within 30 days (there are no late fees)
  6. Memberships may be cancelled at any time by emailing
  7. Cancelled memberships may not be reinstated for nine months after cancellation
  8. Active members are those that have dues paid for the most recent month billed; all others are considered non-active 
  9. Only active members are eligible for the member rate
  10. Member rates are reserved via email, based on availability
  11. Credit toward for member rate is based on current account balance at the time of reservation. Remaining trip balance may be paid in full, or in monthly installments for remaining period up to 90 days prior to trip start.
  12. All trips must be paid at least 90 days prior to the start of trip
  13. Trips cancelled within four months of departure and that are not transferred forfeit all balance credited toward the trip
  14. Non-active members may use any remaining account balance toward any non-member rate available
  15. Non-active members with a balance remaining after 12 months will be charged 10% of the balance and refunded the remaining 90%

“There are no passengers on spaceship Earth.  We are all Crew.”

~ Marshall McLuhan

  • These perks can’t be beat
  • Reserve your spot today
  • Vacation savings made easy
  • You’ve got nothing to lose

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