Pro travel tips. Part 1.


Two words… Pack. Light.

Everything starts with how you pack! Packing light frees you up to be flexible and mobile. Personally, I prefer to stick to carry-ons whenever possible. (For longer trips, I use space-saver bags that you can roll the air out of to reduce wasted space.) With less luggage, it’s a lot easier to change flights when needed and you don’t have to worry about lost bags.

(Side note: I once went on a 15-day cruise around South America and checked my carry-on – my only luggage – at the gate. It was lost for 11 days of the cruise. I had to go shopping at every port. Lesson learned.)

On to what you came for… Travel tips:

  1. Make sure you have a current luggage tag… just in case… and luggage should be easily identifiable (custom case/cover anyone?)
  2. Checking in online could be very useful for domestic travel if you want to skip check-in at the airport counter; international travel typically still requires in-person verification by the airline at some point prior to boarding the plane
  3. Only bring empty water bottles through security; there are usually plenty of places to fill up on the other side
  4. Pack liquids (100 ml or less) and electronic devices on top; in case extra screening is triggered
  5. Dress for travel; try layers, planes can get pretty chilly as they reach cruising altitude
  6. Limit metal items as part of your clothing and in your pockets to breeze through security
  7. Make sure all your devices are fully charged and keep your chargers easily accessible; most planes now have usb and/or regular outlets
  8. Traveling with power splitters are great in route, as well as when you reach your final destination
  9. Bring a book or magazine, or have some way to survive long periods with limited (or no) connectivity
  10. Don’t forget your noise-cancelling headphones! Useful in the terminal as well as on the plane

Pro tips!

  • Yes, you can bring alcohol through security! Even double-shots are less than 100ml. #sipresponsibly
  • Relax! Don’t overwhelm gate agents or flight attendants with demands or complaints. #benice
  • Choose one or two airlines as your primary carriers. Attaining and maintaining status with them will give you priority status and access over travelers… Lounges, upgrades, etc. #openbar
  • If you travel often, get TSA Precheck and/or Global Entry #thankmelater

Check back next week for Part 2 covering booking your travel plans and some of the benefits of group travel!

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11 days later, my luggage awaits…



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